La construction of swimming pools in single-family homes it is increasingly common. However, there are few designer swimming pools that are as spectacular and attractive as the sand pools [Email protected].

Before, it was only possible to see them in water parks to recreate paradisiacal beaches or hotels, but its quality and design have caused a strong trend, demand and popularity in recent years by individuals.

The private gardens of many homes have been embellished by these exclusive beach-type pools allowing Recreate a Caribbean beach or a beautiful cove in your own house.

Design of exclusive sand pools

The sand pools are modern and luxury pools. In addition, they allow the exclusive design to the owner's taste, since their dimensions, depth and shape can be customized. Therefore, if you opt for the construction of a sand pool, your garden will become a paradisiacal environment, different from your neighbors, which you will undoubtedly want to enjoy at any time of the year and especially in summer.

The sand pools have Rounded and smooth shapes. In addition, they can have several levels of depth with an entry "from level zero" and smooth slope. What allows you, if you want to take a bath, enter the water as if it were a natural beach.

The coating of patented sand [Email protected] adhered to the concrete support of the pool, recreates the appearance of the Beach sand. Something that helps you create a natural environment where you can relax.

You can also choose different landscaping at the time of installation. From rocks to small waterfalls in which the water falling through it, will cause a relaxing effect like that of any beach, but yes, in your own garden.

Construction material for sand pools

In the construction of sand pools the gunite concrete that adapts to any shape and size of the land and offers a optimum resistance and tightness. On this, the coating of compacted sand [Email protected], exclusive and patented, allowing a perfect, continuous and smooth finish with the appearance of a natural beach.

El maintenance of the pool It is very similar to conventional pools, so you should not worry about requiring more complex care.

El construction time of a sand pool is approximately 30 days although it will depend on its dimensions and climatology.

Other characteristics of the sand pools

Sand pools, unlike conventional pools, adapt to virtually any available space and land. Its shape and depth are designed according to the taste of the owner making them unique and exclusive.

Its compacted sand finish is very soft to the touch. It also grants you the property to be anti-slip, dry and wet, so avoid the danger of slips if the smallest of the house run along the shore. Also, another of its characteristics is that its surface never reaches high temperatures that cause you to burn your feet when walking on its surface.

The entrance to the pool as on a beach and through a gentle slope, discards all types of stairs. For what it does ideal for all and especially appropriate for children, the elderly and disabled.

The sand pools are very hygienic, easy to clean and do not need to be covered in winter.

When designing your sand pool, you can consider adding a Exclusive children's area, relaxation area with Spa or bar area. You can also thematize them or incorporate natural stones, waterfalls, palm trees or islands. You will have everything you need to have a pleasant and exclusive environment.

The construction of sand pools in your house is, without a doubt, the best option if you are looking to enjoy in your garden a real relaxing oasis and calm.

Contact with us, ask us for your custom project and make sure very soon the pool of your dreams in your house.


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