Construction Method

of Sand Pools

Method of construction sand pools


Piscinas de Arena SA company dedicated exclusively to the world of leisure and swimming pools commercializes this new product, original idea of ​​Piscinas de Arena SA registered under PATENT OF INVENTION.

The ARENA® and NATURSAND® POOLS brands with their corresponding logos are registered under the respective BRAND PATENTS.

Piscinas de Arena SA is an innovative company that brings its clients a new concept of swimming pools, which provide a pleasant environment, fully integrated into your garden, which enhances and magnifies the aesthetics of the whole.

The Sand Pools® with the Natursand® finishing layer, have a heavily armed structure, which gives them a resistance, sealing and duration much larger than any other system used for the execution of shotcrete pools.

The popular saying: "about good foundations a good house will be built "is perfectly applicable to the world of swimming pools, and for our company is one of the main priorities.

creation of sand pools

Advantages of the Natursand® layer

The NaturSand® layer It is very resistant to the weather, is composed of sand compacted and fully adhered to the concrete support, gives the appearance of beach sand and is non-slip both dry and wet. It has a high degree of flexibility that prevents crackingIs pleasant to the touch and has a low coefficient of thermal accumulation (does not burn even in full sun). It is moldable to any shape that is desired, thus offering an aesthetic of undeniable appeal.

Advantages of shotcrete:

  • Greater resistance than other concretes in dosages of 400 Kg / m3.
  • Optimal tightness to be projected and carried out in a single session without meetings.
  • Maximum adhesion to pool accessories avoiding possible leaks.
  • Adaptability to any shape and size, and ease of work in hard-to-reach places.

Swimming pool construction method

The realization of a Sand Pool® with the Natursand® layer requires a series of construction processes that are detailed below:

1 º- After visiting the client and joining their ideas with the experience and advice of the technicians of Piscinas de Arena, SA, The design of the pool is elaborated, which once approved It is drawn on the ground. Then, the stakeout and subsequent excavation is carried out under the supervision of our technicians and operators, who mark measures and levels. This is a primordial task, since its precision will depend on the design being translated faithfully in the future realization.

In the excavation will be taken into account not only the emptying, but also the adequacy of the environment for the subsequent landscaping. At this point, the property may still request modifications on dimensions and shape of the future pool.

2 º- After completing the emptying, according to the redefinition of the pool, proceed to the realization (with HD brick 40x20x7cm.) Of the vertical walls (walls of the future Sand Pool) that make up the lost formwork. This will help us to fix the armed and guide for the shotcrete.

3 ºThen it is placed the reinforcement that offers the concrete walls a optimum resistance in front of the thrusts of the water and the earth and will help to avoid breaking them. This reinforcement is carried out by two parallel meshes properly layered of 15x15x6 millimeters or greater, with separators between them, with the plates folded of the same material that each meter of distance between them. This work is carried out both in the glass and on the beaches of the pool.

4 º-All the plumbing and electricity installations necessary for the purification and lighting circuits of the future Sand Pool should be placed in the structure to fit the designed shape.

5.- Once the installations have been carried out and the corresponding tests have been carried out to ensure the absence of leaks, the gunite will be applied by wet process, with which we will achieve the high pressure compaction of the mortar that will give it greater strength. The dosage of the mixture must be a minimum of 400 kilos of cement per cubic meter (D-400) delivered in work prepared from the factory, having passed the corresponding quality controls. The projected concrete (gunite) is done in a single session, avoiding joints that could be harmful to the tightness.

6.After the concreting of the glass of the pool and the beaches, the banks will be executed and loose stones or waterfalls will be placed. Once the surface is sufficiently dry, two or more layers of special waterproofing for swimming pools will be given to reinforce the tightness. The waterproofing will be applied in pool and beaches.

7.- Once the set of the work is dry, the Natursand® sand coating, exclusive and patented by Piscinas de Arena SA This layer is applied manually by specialized operators, offering a smooth and continuous finish that gives us the visual appearance of a natural beach. The surroundings of the pool will be clean of all rest of work.

8.- The purification equipment will be located in the vicinity of the pool once the property has chosen the specific place and can be buried, on the surface or in the technical room. After the completion of all the pre-installations, the relevant connections will be made. This system will keep the water crystal clear and free of germs. It consists of mechanical filtration made by circulating water through a sand filter of different thicknesses where we will collect the solid particles that fall into the pool and a correct treatment of the water and disinfection through chemical or natural products, through which we will eliminate germs and bacteria present in the water.

Have a pool with a natural and exclusive look.


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