Understanding the client's needs and what they are looking for in their sand pool is the basis of our work method. We know that installing a pool can seem, at first, complicated and cause uneasiness both for the work and for the final aesthetic of the garden.

We also know that for our customers this space is a key place in the home, that gives life to the whole and embellishes it. We provide all these steps so you do not have no worries and we will advise you on any questions you may have.

Our personalized service is thought for and for the well-being of the client.

Conversation with the client

To bring personalized attention, our sales representative will call you at the number you left on a form. Or you can call it yourself 902 102 978 / + 34 918 569 548.
The important thing in this conversation is to have an idea of Size, design and approximate price of the beach type pool.

We are also interested in knowing when you want to make the pool, what space is available in your garden or who will enjoy it. Our entry type, in soft ramp, guarantees a maximum security specially for children and elderly people.

At this point we request plans and / or garden measurements to send the client an economic orientation, a design proposal and an 3D image of the pool. If the client accepts it and depending on our availability, we will go to the client's address to see the garden and its surroundings and know the idea he has in mind.

In the same way, if we can not visit the client, it would not be a problem since being pioneers and creators of construction of sand pools with 14 years of experience in the sector, We are able to design a design that meets the wishes and aspirations of our client with the plans you have given us.

Design and landscaping

When the client accepts your customized design, we will send you the total budget or you can go through Our offices to see it with us. In that case, we show you a 3D video design with the final result of your beach type pool.

As a gift, we include a design of landscaping to beautify the environment of the sand pool. From rocks, springs or chill out to everything the client wants to put. We are the ones who we make your dreams come true.

Establishment of the agreement

Once the agreement is signed, we we take care of everything related to the execution of the work so that our client does not have to worry about anything.

We make the management and supervision of the excavation for emptying, where our operators and technicians will take into account the adaptation of the environment for the landscaping of the pool.

We have a multidisciplinary team of experts that you will make with care and detail your sand pool from the beginning to the end.

At our entrance Swimming pool construction method You can continue reading the steps we take to make a beach-type pool.

All for and for the satisfaction and comfort of our customers


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