I have come to see our last Sand Pool. I'm in a traffic jam leaving Madrid, it's raining, it's four in the afternoon but it seems at night. Now, for different reasons, my life takes place between Madrid and Ibiza. There in winter always about eight or ten degrees more and it is not unusual for the sun to shine, in addition there is always the sea waiting for you. It's a nice feeling to go there or get out of here, I do not know. Darkness, rain, stress or light, sun, sea, tranquility. Even if I go to Ibiza to work, nobody thinks ...

As I get older, stuck between millions and millions of cars, I think about what it is supposed to be or what I want it to mean for our customers to have a Sand Pool. Strange syllogism; Maybe the feeling that I have of leaving Madrid and going to Ibiza is the same as a client has when he leaves work and one of our pools awaits him. For them it may also be to reach the beach. Sand, water, luxury, exclusivity, relax. Maybe your Ibiza in Madrid.

Corner of light

Always, in these ten years and now that we are in several countries, we wanted to achieve this: that a Sand Pool, with a design that brings beauty and exclusivity, be the oasis that we all crave, our corner of light and beach. For some time now we have realized that it is not enough to build swimming pools, it is necessary to provide design, architecture, landscaping, technology. That's why we have incorporated people specialized in different areas of design, planning and construction of our swimming pools. A client needs to have the most beautiful garden, that his Sand Pool is the first thing that he teaches his guests, that he is, in short, in love with her. But we also want it to be a luxury pool, an exclusive pool, where the quality of the bath is excellent.

That's why we have to always keep taking care of even the smallest detail. The ramp should not be too steep, should not slide, that the client may be lying in the water basking in the sun. Of course, that the area of ​​the sand pool where customers are going to be is not too shallow, but that does not cover you completely, so you can stay on your feet. There must be an area to be able to swim. Place a rock or bubble bank in a certain place so that the client can sit down. Thousands of details, apart from the aesthetic, which makes our Sand Pools more than a luxury or exclusive pool. It has to provide value.

Now the traffic is flowing as well as my ideas. We hope to continue innovating to meet and always exceed the expectations of our customers.


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