Patent Pool Sand® and NaturSand®

NaturSand® sand pools

Piscinas de Arena SA is an innovative company that brings its clients a new concept of swimming pools. They provide a pleasant environment, fully integrated into the garden, which enhances and magnifies the aesthetics of the whole.

Piscinas de Arena SA, company dedicated exclusively to the world of leisure and swimming pools, commercializes this new product, original idea of ​​Piscinas de Arena SA. This product has been registered under Patent of invention, and ARENA® and NATURSAND® POOLS brands with their corresponding logos under the respective Brand patents.

patent sand pools
brand sand pools

R & D: Applications and technical solution provided by the invention of the patent:

The constructive idea designed in the Invention Patent by Piscinas de Arena SA, combines a series of practical and aesthetic solutions that make these pools unique in today's market.

Practical solutions how to make the structure with gunite concrete of high performance with a strong armed inside, which provide the greatest strength in this type of structures for swimming pools on the market. Unlike other construction typologies, while allowing to equip the designs in any way imaginable.

Aesthetic solutions as the exclusive coating NaturSand®, which provides the visual aspect of a beach. It is non-slip, soft to the touch, moldable, prevents cracking and does not burn when walking barefoot on it.

NaturSand® on shotcrete can be applied to the entire structure of the pool, beach area and areas for walks, stairs, etc.

Have a pool with a natural and exclusive look.


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