We develop projects of Landscaping and Theming

The team PISCINAS DE ARENA SA It is made up sculptors and designers with a wide experience and professional trajectory in projects of landscaping and pools thematization. This translates into an added value of extreme quality, in addition to the use of high quality materials that are reflected in our works.

Through thematization you get the transformation of spaces in environments that move us in time, or other places, real or fantastic, that can turn your business into a tourist attraction.

The decoration of a hotel , spa o Theme Park we create it with our own identity, after close contact with the client, and an exhaustive study of the project.

If you want to landscaping, we reproduce rocks, waterfalls, walls, animals, trees, everything your imagination wants. We can build custom with forms almost impossible to make in wood since the curves are not a problem. Our material adopts any shape and with high mechanical resistance that exceeds hardness and durability to wood.

Above you will find images of our Landscaping and Theming projects

Have a pool with a natural and exclusive look.


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