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Geovanni castedo

"Our studio has been collaborating with this company for years, we have already built 4 pools in villas reformed by us and we know that if we recommend this option to any client we will look good. Very serious and professional. "

Eduardo Leiva Pujol

"It looks very integrated and natural pool and sand or take off or scratch or anything. 5 years has ours and we have just renewed the varnish for the first time, the protective layer they say and as new "

Antonio Jesús Romero

"The material is incredible, the touch, visually, is cleaned with a hose ... I put it on the terrace and we have become a beach club. This is unmatched by any other pool I have seen in my life. "

José Erdan

"The very beautiful pool. They advise you and treat you very well. We needed something like that for my parents, the ramp entrance is very comfortable. The treatment by the whole team, exquisite. "

Kiko Florez

"They are the biggest experts in luxury swimming pools in Spain. Every time they ask us for a "special" pool to our construction company we have them, just as they are the pioneers in the sand pools they make glass walls, porcelain stoneware, natural stone ... They work in CAD and revit, they make you plans of everything . "
Sand pools PATENTS, durability, easy maintenance, rejects imitations

Have an exclusive Sand Pool.


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