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Some frequently asked questions about our pools

Here we collect the most common questions from our clients before building a sand pool:

Is it possible to design my own Sand Pool?

Yes. The Piscinas de Arena's technicians and designers will make proposals according to your available plot and dimensions, always following the client's wishes

Are the Sand Pools with authentic sand?

Of course, our pools are covered with compacted sand, thus facilitating its cleaning and maintenance.

What debugging system can be adapted to my pool?

There are different types of purification, the most common are chlorine, salt chlorination, ultraviolet and ozone. Each type has its advantages.

Can I reform my pool and transform it into a Sand Pool?

Without any problem, the swimming pools can be transformed into a Sand Pool. The reform will provide an environment similar to that of a piece of natural beach.

How long does it take to build my pool?

Depending on the desired dimensions and the weather, a Sand Pool is built in around 30 days

How is the cleaning of the compacted sand lining?

The coating used on floors, walls and beach areas is very resistant and is easily cleaned with a pressurized water machine.

What maintenance is necessary for the Sand Pools?

The maintenance of the sand pools are the same as that of the traditional pools.

Do sand pools withstand cold weather and snow?

They support all climates and perfectly support the snow.

Can a Pool of Sand be heated?

The sand pools are suitable for air conditioning.

What is the depth that my pool can have?

Our pools are built with free forms, even in their depth. The pools can have one or more levels of depth, with entries from level zero as the entrance to a beach. Its greatest depth can be on one side, in the center or at different points of the pool.

Can my sand pool be overflowing?

They can become overflowing. The superficial plane of the water would be exactly at the same level as the beach, which creates a highly aesthetic mirror effect, especially if it overflows in front of a beautiful landscape.

Do I need a ladder in my pool?

The entrance of the sand pools is made from level zero, on a soft ramp, as if it were the entrance to a beach, without the need for stairs. In this way, it is ideal for everyone's enjoyment.


What are the advantages of gunite concrete?

  • It offers a greater resistance than the rest of concretes in dosages of 400 Kg / m3
  • Excellent sealing when projected and performed in a single session without joints and maximum adhesion to accessories through chemical bridges, which prevent water leaks
  • Maximum adhesion to surface coatings
  • Adaptability to any shape and dimension.

What are the advantages of NATURSAND® coating?

NaturSand® It is a continuous coating made with sand fully adhered to the concrete support that offers:
• Creation of natural environments.
• Attractive aesthetic that simulates a beach.
• Easy maintenance and cleaning. High resistance
• Soft touch. Anti-slip dry and wet.
• Different shades of sand.
• Use in all the interior and exterior areas of swimming pools, benches, spas, walks, floors, etc. integrating different zones.
• Low coefficient of thermal accumulation, thus avoiding overheating.
• A solid surface with an optimum degree of flexibility that prevents cracking or sand detachment

How to choose the right filter for my pool?

It depends on the volume of water and the equipment of the treatment plant. In Pools of Sand, we give you the fully finished pool including all the equipment of the treatment plant. It is not necessary for the client to worry, we deliver the pool ready for use.

What types of chlorination and decorative equipment can I install?

These innovative luxury pools accept all types of chlorination in the market and admit both overflowing and traditional systems.
Decorations can be developed through natural or thematized rocks, spas, river channels, wooden moorings and, of course, the landscaping integrated in the forms of the pool.

Piscinas de Arena offers, with the help of its technicians and collaborators, advice on the design of your pool, be it new construction or renovation, to create a unique and personalized environment.

Is it necessary to cover the pool in winter?

We build the pools thinking not only of the enjoyment of the clients' bathroom, but also so that it fits perfectly into their surroundings, being part of the landscape. Therefore, during the winter season it is not necessary to cover the Sand Pools.

The ideal thing in winter is to keep the pool purifying daily approximately two hours, perform physical cleanings and the chosen chemical treatment.

What safety measures do sand pools have?

They are mostly built from zero to the depth desired by the client. This entrance system as a beach is ideal for children, the elderly and the disabled.

It is important to remember that children should always be accompanied by an adult in the pools.

The construction of your pool: Where to start?

Development of the project: With Sand Pools each detail will be studied so that you do not worry about anything else but enjoy. According to the architectural model of your house and the wishes of the client, you will be offered suggestions for the design of your sand pool.

You can also visit an exhibition pool to get a clear idea of ​​how your new pool will look.

Difference of sand pools from conventional pools

The first thing is that it is a completely innovative design, given the high quality coating and ease of cleaning that is sand compacted with fixing additives. This floor is designed for hot and cold areas, even areas with snowfall.

The structure of the sand pool is gunite concrete, which allows the free design of the same, taking advantage of even some subtleties of the land on which it is going to be built. In addition, relaxation areas such as air benches, islands, flower beds, etc. can be added to the sand pools.

I want to build a pool, can you help me choose the model?

The team of Piscinas de Arena will design a proposal of exclusive model for your pool, according to the available area, uneven terrain and your wishes.

Your Sand Pool can also have an exclusive area for children, a spa area, natural or themed rocks, waterfalls, palm trees or green areas on islands in the center of the pool or on the sides. You can offer a bar area and relaxation area, all this so that your customers have a pleasant and exclusive natural beach environment.

If you still have more questions about our sand pools, you can send us your
doubts to [Email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.

Have a pool with a natural and exclusive look.


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