The designer pools are trend.

Within the scope of the construction of luxury swimming pools, the trend that is imposed is the design pools.

In the search for an exclusive, unique and unique pool, it is essential to have an important dose of creativity. Intuitively, we understand that this artistic expression must come from architects and / or designers as expert professionals in their field. However, in Sand Pools they do not stop to surprise us the ideas that our clients contribute.

On countless occasions, we have met during the creative phase prior to the construction of one of our design pools that the inspiration of our clients offers us with a detail, a concept or a personal experience a change in our approach. In short, a new perspective that allows us to find that beach-type pool, with that ideal and unique "cove" for each space and for each family.

Custom pools

We live in the era of personalization, of the "customization" and the construction of a construction pool lends itself especially to the possibility of expressing our individuality. With a design pool we combine the recreation of a natural environment, with concepts such as sophistication, glamor or elegance.

A luxury pool can be based on abstraction, achieving an attractive contrast between the straight lines and minimalist style of a modern construction and the natural and organic forms of a Sand Pool. But it can also imitate reality, recreate a landscape or real and concrete place: an interior beach, a set of natural pools, a lake ....

In Jericoacoara, Brazil, we built a pool of overflowing sand overlooking the sea with a swimming lane integrated in its central axis that offers us the illusion of being endless ... In Madrid, a project with tropical inspiration where the shower seems to come out of a palm tree , in Dubai a spectacular artificial river integrates and relates house and Sand Pool ...

As you can see in the gallery The possibilities offered by the construction of design pools are endless, the only limit is our imagination.


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