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Sand pools.

The beach at home


Our beach-type pools are made of reinforced concrete, they are the ones that offer the greatest resistance and durability, we offer peace of mind to our customers with a long-lasting and high-quality product.


For construction of sand pools, we offer you help from our architects, technicians and designers, advice on the design of your sand pool, be it new work or renovation, to create a unique and personalized environment. We designed your beach type pool.


Luxury pools with continuous coating made with sand fully adhered to the concrete support. Easy maintenance and cleaning. High resistance Soft touch. Anti-slip. It does not burn even if it is in full sun. Luxury pools that are enjoyed.

Luxury beach type pools for all

For the entire family

Ideal for children and the elderly. Soft slope entry, non-slip beach type pool

The best decoration of your garden

Your Sand Pools will be the most beautiful in the garden,
The first thing you will teach your visitors

High quality accessories

Natural waterfalls, chill out, wooden springs, spas, plants, rocks, walks ...

Construction of beach pools

Luxury pools at your fingertips. The sand NaturSand does not burn, it does not slip, it lasts.

sketch of pool model almaro
Design of beach-shaped pools
Sand pools project

New line ALMARO

Now with 2 Beaches and Bubble Bank

New line ALMARO

Now with 2 Beaches and Bubble Bank

Sand pools PATENTS, durability, easy maintenance, rejects imitations

A unique design for each beach style pool. Examples:

Some frequently asked questions about our sand pools

Is it possible to design my own Sand Pool?

Yes. Our technicians and designers will make proposals according to your available plot and dimensions, always following the client's wishes

Are the Sand Pools with authentic sand?

Yes, our beach-type pools are lined with compacted sand, thus facilitating its cleaning and maintenance.

What purification system can be adapted to my sand pool?

You can use different types of debugging. The most common are chlorine, salt chlorination, ultraviolet and ozone, each type has its advantages.

Can I reform my pool and transform it into a Sand Pool?

Yes, the construction pools can be transformed into a Sand Pool that offers an environment similar to having a piece of natural beach for you.

How long does it take to build my sand pool?

Depending on the desired dimensions and the weather, a Sand Pool is built in around 30 days

How is the cleaning of the compacted sand lining?

The coating we use on floors, walls and beach areas is very resistant and is easily cleaned with a pressurized water machine.


We make the pools
beach type more
pretty from the world

At Piscinas de Arena we have built our pool number 750 and we continue to grow all over the world. The best reward is the satisfaction and affection of our customers. We thank you from Sand Pools.

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Construction of luxury swimming pools at your fingertips


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